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Idobao is a brand that produces mechanical keyboards, and their “Fragrance” mechanical keyboard could refer to a specific model or series within their product lineup. Apply the Idobao coupon code as Mechanical keyboards are popular among gamers and typing enthusiasts for their tactile and audible keypress feedback. The term “fragrance” in this context may be a product name, feature, or design element specific to this keyboard.

Idobao’s mechanical keyboards often come with customizable features like RGB backlighting, various key switch options, and unique designs. Use the Idobao coupon code as these keyboards are known for their build quality and performance, making them a popular choice among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.


What are mechanical keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards are a type of keyboard that uses individual mechanical switches for each key, providing a more tactile and audible keypress compared to traditional rubber dome keyboards.

After applying the Idobao discount code Does it have customizable RGB lighting?

Many mechanical keyboards, including those from Idobao, offer customizable RGB backlighting. Check the product description for details.

After applying the Idobao promo code Does the website come with a warranty?

Most products come with a warranty. Check the warranty terms for the “Fragrance” keyboard in the product details.



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